ARSONSISI is an Italian brand of powder coatings known in Europe and in the world for over 100
years. It offers the highest quality polyester, polyester – epoxy, epoxy and polyurethane coatings. The
company, as one of the first in Europe, undertook the production of powder coatings in 1972.
The leader of the Italian paint market – GROUP JUNGHANNS – incorporated ARSONSISI into its
structures in 1987

In 1990, ARSONSISI was the first Italian company to have the RAL-GSB-SWABICH-GMUND quality certificate, and then, in 1995 they obtained the most difficult ISO EN UNI 901 CENTRICHIM quality certificate entering the European Quality System Network EQNET. The QUALICOAT certificate is obtained from the QUALITAL Aluminum Industrial Certification Association in 1997.

Experience, power and the latest research methods allowed for patenting a unique system of composing metallic colors and powder coatings all that made independently by the recipient in his own paint shop, known as ARSONMIX, in 1993.

Currently, ARSONSISI operates 2 factories in Italy and has branches in Finland and Turkey. The company's production capacity is 16,000 tons of powder coatings per year. Over 300 ready-made
products remain in the permanent commercial disposition, and other specific customer orders (e.g. according to the customer's model) are carried out within 4 weeks at the latest. ARSONSISI provides
the highest quality and moderate prices to over 3000 satisfied customers from around the world representing 35 industries.

The use of ARSONSISI powder coatings is not an experiment but a great choice!

We offer:
– sales representatives – attractive commission on the value of sales;
– regional distributors – special discount pricing and credit terms;
– users – a system of discounts, trade credits and technical service;